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PA300EA Electric Automatic Pasteurizer (300L)

Price: $26,000.00
  • Item #PAV-300EA
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The PA300EA by Voran is an automated electric Juice Pasteurizer with heating elements and tube heat exchanger. A digital control unit is used to adjusted the temperature of the heating elements within the water bath. An on-board pump is used to fill the water bath and recirculate the water throughout the pasteurization process to maintain consistent water temperature. The mounted juice pump transfers the raw juice to the pasteurizer where it flows through the spiral heat exchanger within the water bath, heating the juice to the desired temperature. A second temperature control unit sets the desired juice temperature at the outlet. This controls an on-board variable frequency drive, which adjusts the flow rate of the juice pump to ensure that the juice is held within the heat exchange long enough to achieve the set outlet temperature. The PA300EA will process 300 Liters per hour at 80° C (176° F).
  • Hourly Production: 300 Liters
  • On-board water pump to fill and recirculate water
  • Mechanical Float in water bath to control fill level
  • On-board juice pump with VFD to automatically control flow rate of juice based on set temperature
  • Digital control unit to control heating elements in water bath
  • Juice flows through stainless steel tubular heat exchange in water bath
  • Digital display of juice temperature at outlet port
  • Heating elements contain overheat protection
  • Heating time (to 80° C): 10 min
  • Required Water Volume: 35L
  • Power: 27 kW, 3-PH 220v, 50A
  • Dimensions: 30" L x 45" W x 55" H
  • 450 lbs Transport Weight
  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Made in Austria by Voran
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