The Best Press Just Got Bigger and Better:

Introducing Zambelli's PN ZETA TOP Presses with Leg Extensions!

Winemaking is a delicate blend of art and science, where every detail matters. When it comes to crafting the perfect wine, the pressing process plays a pivotal role in extracting flavors and aromas from grapes. Zambelli, a name synonymous with quality winemaking equipment, has taken this process to new heights with their latest innovation: the PN ZETA TOP Presses with Leg Extensions.

We're excited to introduce you to the pinnacle of winemaking convenience and efficiency. Now available in 14, 17, and 22 hectoliter sizes, the PN ZETA TOP Presses have undergone an evolution that elevates your winemaking experience.

Unlocking Elevated Convenience 

Imagine the scene: freshly pressed grapes are ready to be separated from their skins, an essential step in the winemaking process. With the introduction of leg extensions, Zambelli has transformed this task. These innovative extensions provide an impressive clearance of over 36 inches beneath the press. This newfound space makes it a breeze to efficiently dump grape skins into a macro bin, simplifying clean-up and saving you time and effort. 

Precision Must Transfer 

Efficiency doesn't stop with grape disposal. Zambelli understands that smooth must transfer is vital for a seamless winemaking workflow. That's why the PN ZETA TOP Presses come equipped with a rear infeed port featuring automatic pump control and fill-level sensors. This intelligent design ensures that transferring your precious must into the press is not only effortless but precise, helping you achieve consistent results with every batch.

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Experience Innovation and Tradition 

Zambelli's legacy of innovation is deeply rooted in the traditions of winemaking. The PN ZETA TOP Presses with Leg Extensions perfectly embody this ethos. By melding classic winemaking practices with cutting-edge enhancements, these presses cater to novices and experts alike. Whether you're a home winemaker with a passion for perfecting your craft or a seasoned professional, these presses deliver on performance and ease.

Elegance Meets Functionality Aesthetics matter in winemaking spaces too. Zambelli's PN ZETA TOP Presses maintain the sleek, sophisticated design that the brand is renowned for. The blend of elegance and functionality ensures that these presses not only perform exceptionally but also enhance the ambiance of your winery or workspace.

Upgrade Your Winemaking Game Today! 

In conclusion, the PN ZETA TOP Presses with Leg Extensions mark a significant leap in winemaking technology. The added clearance empowers you to work more efficiently, while the automated features simplify the must transfer process. Zambelli's commitment to innovation and tradition shines through, making these presses a must-have for anyone dedicated to the art of winemaking.

Ready to take your winemaking to the next level? Discover the future of pressing technology with Zambelli's PN ZETA TOP Presses. Learn more and explore the various sizes here. Elevate your winemaking game today!

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