The 2024 Tank Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Tanks & Winemaking

Explore the world of tanks for winemaking, cider crafting, and kombucha experiments in our comprehensive 2023 Tank Guide! Whether you’re an experienced winemaker, a novice cidermaker, or a flavor innovator in the realm of kombucha, our guide is designed to help answer the perennial question: “Which tank is the right tank for me?”

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Variable Capacity (Open Top) Tank:

Also known as “Open Top” or “Floating Lid” Tanks, these feature a removable lid that floats on the tank’s content, sealed by an inflatable tube to minimize exposure to oxygen. Ideal for small-scale operations, these tanks are perfect for fermenting or aging various materials and capacities.

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Closed Top Tanks:

Perfect for storing large quantities of material, these tanks can be filled to capacity, injected with inert gas, and sealed for an oxygen-free environment during bulk aging. Specific designs cater to fermenting on solids, such as grape skins.

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Conical Bottom Tanks:

Featuring a cone-shaped bottom that terminates at the tank’s center, these tanks ensure solids, lees, and sediment are trapped within a discharge tube, minimizing exposure to the rest of the material. Ideal for fermenting and aging lighter products like white wine.

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Slope (Inclined) Bottom Tank:

Unlike Conical Bottom Tanks, these facilitate interaction between solids and fluid, making them desirable for producing full-bodied products like red wine. The sloping bottom enables easy cleaning of solids.

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Round Bottom Tank:

Combining the best of both worlds, these tanks have a curved bottom with a small “pocket” where sediment settles, reducing exposure during fermentation. Suitable for both white and red wines.

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Flat Bottom Tank:

Though simpler in design, these tanks are sought after for their versatility, great for mixing and widely used in kombucha production. The basic design with a single drain port allows for a broader range of sizes and dimensions.

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**Mixing Tank:**

Ideal for various industries, from spirits and wine to kombucha and food production, these tanks come with optional features like detachable onboard mixers and lower agitator ports.

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Brite & Uni Tanks:

Brite Tanks set the industry standard for carbonating and finishing sparkling liquids, while Uni-Tanks combine fermenter and brite tank functionalities in one, streamlining the brewing process.

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I.B.C. Tanks:

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Tanks, suitable for a range of industries, boast a customizable design with features like a galvanized steel cage, round bottom, center drain port, ball valve, closed top with manway lid, top ports for CIP & PRV, and a sample port & valve. 

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Explore the diverse world of tanks and find the perfect match for your winemaking, cider crafting, or kombucha endeavors! If you have specific configurations in mind, let us know, and we can produce a customized solution just for you.