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Variable Capacity Premium Flat Bottom Tank

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These Premium Quality Zottel Variable Capacity Flat Tanks on LEGS with REINFORCED RIMS (1,100L & Larger) and "Air System" sealing lids are built from AISI 304 BA 18/10 stainless steel. They feature a smooth mirror finish on the inside for optimal cleanliness and an attractive textured exterior.  These are the highest quality Flat Bottom Tanks you will find anywhere! 

  • Hand Pump/Guage with Inflatable Tube for air system included to seal lid
  • Marble Airlock Included
  • 100% Adjustable Floating Pneumatic Lid which accepts Marble Airlock
  • Lid is easily adjusted to provide a minimum of headspace
  • Built from AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • High Quality Artisan Manufactured by Zottel
  • Built on Legs... YES, Includes Legs
  • Reinforced Rims for 1,100 Liters and Larger with added band of square steel
  • 1.5 Inch Tri-Clamp Ball Total Drain Valve
  • Sample Tap - Included and is approx. middle of the tank from top to bottom
  • Lift Arm is Optional item and Not Included
  • Other Special Order Options: Thermometer, Cooling Jacket, Round Manway Door, Ladder Support
  • Larger sizes available upon request
100 Liter 398x850 mm 250 mm .75" Tap  
200 Liter 565x845 mm 250 mm .75" Tap  
300 Liter 636x1000 mm 320 mm 1.0" Tap  
500 Liter 794x1000 mm 320 mm 1.5" TC Butterfly Valve YES
600 Liter 794x1250 mm 320 mm 1.5" TC Butterfly Valve YES
800 Liter 794x1500 mm 320 mm 1.5" TC Butterfly Valve YES
1100 Liter 953x1500 mm 320 mm 1.5" TC Butterfly Valve YES
1500 Liter 1115x1500 mm 360 mm 1.5" TC Butterfly Valve YES
2000 Liter 1275x1500 mm 360 mm 1.5" TC Butterfly Valve YES

CUSTOMER PICK-UP OR TRUCK SHIPMENT ONLY! - We will call with actual shipping costs prior to shipping or charging your credit card.
This item is not crated for shipping either when imported to the U.S. or shipped to our customers as the added weight would make them cost prohibitive to ship. Accordingly they may be received with very minor scratches not that dissimilar than they will receive during their normal use, but are guaranteed to arrive in working order.

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