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ROPP Capper with Descending Head

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ROPP Capper with Descending Head

This semiautomatic ROPP Capper with Descending Head by Tenco closes bottles (glass, aluminum and plastic) with PFP aluminium caps ("ROPP Caps" aka Roll on Pilfer Proof aka ROPP Capper) or plastic screw caps. Tenco’s versatile and robust capping machine is the perfect machine to close bottles. This descending semi automatic capping machine closes PFP aluminium caps, also known as ROPP Caps. The machine can close normal caps as well as pouring caps, and can be configured for special applications. The machine places the bottle on the plate with the cap manually positioned on the neck of the bottle, ready to be capped. The machine holds the bottle in place and descends its head to screw the cap onto the bottle. This entire process doesn’t take more than a few seconds. Seals bottles, maximum precision, easy to use, easy to customize.

We stock our ROPP Cappers with heads to close the five most common caps, BVS 30x60 (Stelvin Wine Cap), BVS-P 30x60 (Stelvin P Cap for Sparkling Wine), and MCA 28x15 for Carbonated beverages, 18x12 for Miniature Bottles and 31.5x24 for Oil with Pour Spouts.  However, we can outfit one of our stock units with a head to close just about any cap and bottle format.  The heads to close alternate caps are special order and take from 1-3 weeks for delivery to us (depending on availability) and installation of a special order head by our technician can usually be done same or next day after arrival for re-ship or pick up at our facility.

We can outfit your capper to install just about any size or type of cap on any bottle, whether your bottle is Glass, PET or Aluminum.Using the appropriate components, Tenco’s descending head capper can close the following caps:

  • Stelvin screw caps
  • BVS, BVS-P and BVP caps
  • MCA caps
  • Caps with pourers for Olive Oil or Syrup
  • Caps for Miniature Bottles
  • Countless other Metal and Platic Caps and Closures
The machine is equipped with the special “No cap No Roll” head, entirely made of stainless steel. Each closing head or spindle can close only one cap size variant. Meaning that, if you want to close bottles with different cap sizes, you need to buy additional closing heads and spindles which are easily changed out in a matter of minutes.
Maximum reliability
  • All machines are tested by the manufacturer.  Occasionally for special or unique caps we will have you send bottle and caps for testing and or machine tuning
Easy to use
  • To perform the capping operation in a few seconds just place the bottle with the capsule on and press the control buttons (one button on each side of the machine - this is a safety feature)
  • Intended for use at or on a Bench Top
Wide range of customizations
  • This capper is flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of custom solutions, according to the needs of the bottle and of the cap to be closed.
  • We have customized machines for countless applications and companies that include Pepsi, Owens Illinois, Heritage Distilling and many others.
  • Can cap up to 600 bottles per hour
  • Constructed entirely of AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • We inventory these machines at our facility to accommodate ROPP Cap BVS 30x60, BVS-P 30x60, and MCA 28x15
  • All other cap types and sizes requires a very short lead time to order and install the specific head for your application
  • 110 Volt 60Hz Single Phase with 0.25 KW motor with 2.3 amp draw
  • 208 Volt 60Hz 3-Phase with 0.37 KW motor and 1.78 amp draw - 3-Phase usually required for caps for carbonated beverages
  • Some caps will only work with 208 Volt 3-Phase (Excluding sparkling wine which can usually utilize 110volt 1-phase machine) - Contact us for details
  • Handles bottle heights from 2" to 20"
  • Weight - 50kg or 110 lb
  • Dimensions 450 x 450 x 1100 mm
  • Comes with Pigtail for hard wiring or adding your own plug
  • Italian Made by Tenco

Optional Add-On:

  • Nitrogen Injection Kit 
Optional - You can close the following caps by replacing the capping head with a magnetic clutch head and a specific spindle:
  • Twist off metal caps
  • Plastic screw caps
  • pharmaceutical caps with dropper
  • FEA aluminum caps
  • Dispenser caps
  • Caps including a brush, mainly used in the cosmetic industry (nail polish caps)

View Videos of this Tenco Capper in operation with Wine Bottles or Miniature Bottles

See Operating Instructions/Manual

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