TMA Semi-Automatic Corker with Nitrogen Injection (800 bottles/hr)

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Zambelli BTM Corker Base

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The Zambelli TMA Semi-Automatic Corking Machine with Nitrogen Injection is manufactured entirely of AISI 304 Stainless Steel and is capable of working with both natural and synthetic corks- sizes #8, #9, & #10 (22, 24, 26 mm in diameter, respectively). The hopper contains a mechanical agitator to allow a continuous flow of corks to four ground and lapped jaws responsible for the precise positioning of the cork. Nitrogen is quickly injected into the bottle to disperse any oxygen prior to the insertion of the cork via a mechanical stainless-steel pin. The entire process takes approximately 1.8 seconds, creating less pressure on the neck of the bottle than other semi-automatic and pneumatic corkers.

The machine is available as a bench-top unit or with an optional base.

  • Corks up to 800 bottles per hour
  • Equipped with 4 ground and lapped stainless steel jaws 
  • Adjustable on-board nitrogen injection unit
  • Accommodates Natural, Agglomerated, & Synthetic Corks, sizes #8, #9, & #10
  • Can be outfitted for larger cork sizes upon request
  • Lift Plate adjusts to accommodate bottles up to 15 in (375 mm) in height
  • 24v Push Button Operated
  • Optional base with leveling feet available
  • 1.0 HP, 220v, Single Phase Motor (w/ onboard Phase Inverter)
  • 15" L x 18" W x 46" H (76" H with base)
  • 250 lbs (290 lbs with base)
  • Made in Italy 
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