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BLUE LINE Automatic Rinser, Vacuum Filler, Corker, & Screw Capper

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The BLUE LINE SRSV Quadriblock by ViMEG is a fully automatic bottle rinsing, filling corking and screw capping machine. A small amount of liquid (filtered water or no-rinse sanitizer) is sprayed into the bottles before they are swung vertical and rotated to ensure that they are uniformly cleaned and dry before being filled. A light vacuum is introduced to the bottle while filling- removing the displaced air to minimize the liquid's exposure to oxygen and reduce the risk of oxidation. 

The BLUE LINE SRSV can be produced with 9, 12, or 16 rinsing nozzles; and 12 or 16 filling spouts, providing a production rate of 800 - 3000 bottles per hour. The self-contained unit is complete with its own conveyer belt for loading and unloading bottles, filling hopper, independent cork and cap hoppers with individual loading arms for the closures, single corking head, single capping head, motor, and on-board control unit for operating the machine and adjusting the production speed. The in-feed screw smoothly transitions the bottles from the conveyor to the revolving starwheel where they are precisely positioned atop automatic lift plates that raise the bottles to the filling nozzles. The subsequent revolving starwheel secures the base of the bottle at the point of capping, while individual microsensors ensure that the bottle opening is correctly aligned for precise application of the cap. The on-board variable frequency digital control allows you to adjust the speed of both the conveyor, filling nozzles, and capping head, as well as switch between automatic and manual filling and corking on the fly. The descending cap track contains a photocell sensor to ensure the presence of a cap in the feed channel.

The BLUE LINE SRSV is modular and can be operated as a stand-alone unit or in a fully-integrated series with other ViMEG machines.

To see a video of the BLUE LINE Rinser, Filler, Corker & Screw Capper operate CLICK HERE

  • Production: 800 - 3000 bottles per hour
  • Digital control unit with variable frequency drive to adjust speed of conveyor and cap application
  • Single capping head for Cork (natural, agglomerate, & synthetic, sizes #7 - #10)
  • Single capping head for Screw Cap (manufactured to order based on specific closure type & dimensions)
  • Air injection on corking and capping heads to remove dust
  • Multiple rinse nozzle and fill spout configurations:
    • 9 Nozzle, 12 Spout: 800 - 2000 bph
    • 12 Nozzle, 12 Spout: 800 - 2400 bph
    • 16 Nozzle, 16 Spout: 800 - 3000 bph
  • Operable as single unit or in series with other ViMEG machines
  • Adjustable lift plate and descending head accommodate bottles up to 15 in (375 mm) in height
  • Universal starwheel can be replaced to accommodate unconventional bottle shape and size
  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Power: 1.8 kW, 240v, 1 PH, 7.5A
  • 4500 - 6000 lbs
  • Made in Italy
Custom options available upon request:
  • Nitrogen injection on filling nozzles
  • Nitrogen injection prior to corking and/or capping
  • Nitrogen injection on corking and/or capping heads
  • Vacuum on corking and/or capping heads (with on-board compressor)
  • Third head installed to accommodate multiple closure types and sizes
  • Additional hopper and descending arm to switch bewtween closure types on the fly

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