Flexible Impeller
For Zambelli Pumps

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Replacement EPDM Rubber Impellers for Zambelli Flexible Impeller Pumps T-25, T-40, T-70, T-110, T-180, T-250, & T-500.

Standard, single-speed pumps ("FL" & "Export") have an external stainless steel hub that protrudes from the center of the impeller by 1". Variable speed pumps ("VM", "2V", & "ICDR") have an internal stainless steel hub and key.

T-25 (SINGLE SPEED)2.75"2.00"1.00"
T-40 (SINGLE SPEED)3.25"2.25"1.00"
T-70 (SINGLE SPEED)3.25"3.00"1.00"
T-110 (SINGLE SPEED)4.50"2.50"1.00"
T-70 (VARIABLE SPEED)3.25"3.00"N/A
T-110 (VARIABLE SPEED)4.50"2.50"N/A
T-180 (VARIABLE SPEED)5.60"3.10"N/A
T-250 (VARIABLE SPEED)5.75"4.25"N/A
T-500 (VARIABLE SPEED)7.50"4.75"N/A

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