Replacement Disc Kit for Zambelli Flexible Impeller Pumps

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Replacement Disc Kits for Zambelli Flexible Impeller Pumps

Replacement Impeller Disc Kits for Zambelli T-40, T-70, T-110, T-180, and T-250 Flexible Impeller Pumps

  • Kit Includes Two Discs
  • Discs for T-40 and T-70 - Part# 1188R00035
  • Discs for T-110 both Single Speed & Mechanical VM155 - Part# 1188R00036
  • Discs for T-180 & T-250 (Single Speed, VM155 Mechanical Variable Speed & ICDR) - Part# 1188R00037
  • Discs for T-180 Single Speed - Part# 1188R00038

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