CARBOFIL Lenticular Modules

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CARBOFIL carbon depth filter modules by Filtrox utilize Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) within the enclosed system of a Lenticular Filter to remove soluble organic contaminants in various food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications. The filter medium used in CARBOFIL lenticular modules is a carbon depth filter sheet, this is a combination of PAC suspended in a matrix of bleached cellulose material and resin.

Carbon depth filter modules are an efficient and clean solution for the adsorptive purification of liquids, removing unwanted colors, odors, and other contaminants. They combine the high adsorptive capacity of PAC with the simplicity and safe handling of depth filter modules. The adsorptive capacity is improved in a depth filtration system because the contaminants are forced into contact with the activated carbon when flowing through the filter medium, resulting in time and cost savings.

These modules are the flat-gasket adapter type.

LWT - Light to Medium Odor Removal, 46% carbon load
RW - Light to Medium Color Removal, 46% carbon load 
CA - For use with CBD, Seltzer & Beer, 60% carbon load

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