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Filter Cartridges (Carbon) 10" & 30" - Code 7

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Code 7 Carbon Filter Cartridges with (2) 226 O-Rings on One End and Fin at the Other End 

Premium quality Carbon filter cartridges

Carbon Filters:
  • Dual Function Depth Cartridge - SupaCarp BP Premium Polyether Sulfone Membrane Filter (aka PES) - SupaPore VPWS Series (Absolute)
    • Ideal for aroma reduction in spirits
    • Graded density pre-filtration layer for effective sediment removal and protection of carbon media
    • Sintered carbon technology that combines both Powdered (PAC) and Granular (GAC) activated carbons
    • Minimal carbon release when compared to conventional loose fillled granular (GAC) style cartridges
    • Micron Rating: 5.0
    • Sizes: 10-Inch and 30-Inch
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