Replacement Parts for Lancman Bladder Presses

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Gomark Lancman Hydropress Replacement Parts for 55, 80, 120, 170 and 250 Liter Bladder Presses

Below is a list of the most common parts needed.  Select from Drop Down above for price and to add to Cart.  Our service department has many other parts not listed.  If you need something not listed below send us an email.

Product Description Part#
Top Vent - Complete 5257
Top Vent - Screw Only 1418
Plastic Screw for Regulator 7752
Pressure Gauge 55, 80 and 120L (3.0 Bar) 5256
Pressure Gauge 170 & 250L (2.5 Bar) 8129
PRV (Pressure Relief Valve/Regulator) 3Bar 55-120L 4575
PRV (Pressure Relief Valve/Regulator) 2.5 Bar 170-250L 5763
Pressure Regulator 55-250L 6459
1/2" Water Inlet w/ Valve for 55-250L 5255
3/4" Water Outlet w/ Valve for 55-250L 6349
Tilt Pin/Shaft 7798
Tilt Pin/Shaft Knob 5579
Tilt Pin Spring 6334
Lid Wing Nut 55/80L 6115
Lid Wing Nut 120/170/250L 5514

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