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Dual Speed Destemmer (3 - 5 Ton)

Price: $6,700.00
  • Item #DMZ-Z50

On-Board Must Pump

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The Zambelli Zeta 50 Dual Speed Destemmer is constructed entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and equipped with a wide loading hopper with feeding screw, rotating drum and, easy hinged opening for simple cleanup. The mechanical speed variator allows the rotation speed of the destemmer shaft to be adjusted between 500 rpm/min at the 1st speed, and 650 rpm/min at the 2nd speed.

Grape clusters are separated from debris as they move through the full-size Loading Hopper via the In-feed Auger. Strategically-angled paddles mounted on a rotating shaft destem the fruit, allowing the clean, whole grapes to drop through the variable-speed destemming drum where a second auger feeds the grapes either to the outlet port, or into the optional on-board Must Pump. The pump's stainless steel impeller breaks the skin of the grapes, providing a gentle-enough crush to extract free-run juice while leaving the grape seed intact, avoiding the release of unwanted astringent tannins. 

  • Hourly Production: 3.5 - 5.0 Tons
  • Dual Speed Destemming Drum and Shaft
  • Optional on-board Centrifugal Impeller Must Pump with 2.5 inch Tri-Clamp outlet
  • Hinged design for easy access and cleaning
  • Full-length Hopper with In-feed Auger
  • Stainless Steel Hopper Side Extensions included
  • Fully-enclosed Destemming Drum with strategically positioned fixed Paddles
  • Secondary Outfeed Auger to Centrifugal Impeller Must Pump
  • Motor: 3.0 HP, 220v 1-PH, 14A
  • Dimensions: 59" L 31.5" W x 42" H, 330 lbs
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Italian made by Zambelli

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