T-180 TC2V
Two Speed Pump (100 - 200 L/min)

Price: $2,900.00
  • Item #WPZ-T180T2
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The Zambelli T-180 TC2V is a belt-driven 2-Speed Flexible Impeller Pump. Mounted on a specially designed cart, the motor sits above the pump reducing the risk of exposure to any materials being handled. It is this design that makes the T-180 TC2V ideal for transferring volatile materials (such as high-proof alcohol). The pump's dual speed functionality also makes it suitable for racking wine, must, mash and foodstuffs with or without solids. The flexible impeller is made of food-grade high density EPDM (a far more durable and chemically resiliant substance than traditional rubber or silicone). Suction is ambivalent in both rotating directions and the unbroken flow avoids shaking the transferred juices. The pump includes a bypass valve which can re-circulate up to 30% (appr.) to reduce the flowrate. The T-180 TC2V Pump can be set to operate at 350 or 550 RPM by adjusting which gears are in use.

Also available in with Variable Speed Drive & Wireless Control Unit (T-180 ICDR)

  • Flow Rate: 100, 200 L/min (26, 52 gal/min)
  • 3 Bar Maximum Pressure
  • Reversible Flow
  • Self Priming (Pump Head needs to be filled)
  • Integrated Bypass Valve
  • Cart Mounted
  • Connections: 3.0" Tri-Clamp Inlet & Outlet
  • Motor: 2.4 HP, 220v 60Hz 1-PH, 12.7A
  • Dimesions: 25" L x 18" W x 32" H
  • 125 lbs Item Weight
  • EPDM Flexible Impeller, Viton Seals
  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Made in Italy by Zambelli
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