Crusher Destemmer with Stand (3.5 Ton)

Price: $3,700.00
  • Item #CDZ-B35
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The Zambelli 35 Crusher-Destemmer is designed for those wanting better output control with the ability to fine-tune crushing and destemming conditions and make on-the-fly adjustments. This pumpless unit has adjustable star-shaped rollers constructed of heavy duty food-grade rubber, which provide a much gentler crush than the hard nylon rollers used in most Crushers & Crusher-Destemmers. The unit features an elevated hopper with feeding screw, and a reliable 220 volt single phase motor which will crush and destem up to 3.5 tons of product an hour. Stainless steel construction for supreme durability, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning (with no chains or belts to remove).

Stainless steel stand with hopper included.

  • Hourly Production: 3.5 Tons
  • Stainless steel Hopper, Basket, Integral Auger, & Frame
  • Fixed Destemming Grate and Paddle
  • Stainless steel hopper side extensions
  • Includes stainless steel Stand with Hopper
  • Motor: 1.5 HP, 220v 1-Ph, 9.6A
  • Dimensions (Crusher): 51" L x 26" W x 28" H, 155 lb
  • Dimensions (Stand): 40" L x 16" W x 26" H, 35 lb
  • Italian made by Zambelli

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