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Vi500 4-1T-1V Gravity Filler, T-Corker & Screw Capper

Price: $83,000.00
  • Item #BLV-VI500-41TV


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The Vi500 4-1T-1V Triblock by ViMEG is a fully automatic bottle rinsing and filling machine with two capping heads for T-Corks and ROPP Screw Caps, but retains a footprint only slightly larger than a monoblock. The Vi500 4-1T-1V has a production rate of 200 - 600 bottles per hour. The self-contained unit is complete with load and unload trays, chain conveyor, filling hopper, T-cork hopper with loading arm & corking head, ROPP cap hopper with loading arm & capping head, motor, and on-board touch screen control unit for operate the machine.

The two semi-automatic rinsing heads can be used to sanitize & rinse bottles, or sparge them with nitrogen prior to placing them on the conveyor for filling and corking / capping. The conveyor smoothly carries the bottles to the filling station, where the nozzles are automatically lowered into the bottles, creating an air-tight seal to fill the bottles whilst purging the oxygen. Once filled the bottles are automatically transferred to the dual capping stations via conveyor where optical sensors are used to ensure each bottle opening is correctly aligned for precise application of the cork or cap. Each capping and corking station has its own hopper and feeding arm. The descending track contains a photocell sensor to ensure the presence of a cork / cap in the feed channel. The PLC control unit with on-board variable frequency drive allows you to adjust the speed of operation as well as set & save preset configurations, keep track of the bottle count, and perform diagnostics.

The optional 2-Nozzle Rinsing & Drying Kit can be used to quickly sanitize or rinse and dry bottles prior to placing them on the conveyor

To watch the Vi500 4-1T Filler, & T-Corker operate CLICK HERE
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  • Production: 200 - 600 bottles per hour
  • Touch screen control unit with variable frequency drive to adjust speed of conveyor and cap application
  • Rinsing nozzles can be set up to recirculate water or sanitizer, or connected to nitrogen source for sparging
  • Dual Capping heads for T-Corks and ROPP Screw Caps
  • Descending nozzles and corking head accommodate bottles up from 3.2 - 18 inches in height
  • Conveyor movement capable of handling conventional and unconventional bottle shape and size
  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Power: 2.0 HP, 220v 1 PH, 6.0A
  • Dimensions: 142" L x 40" W x 84" H, 1600 lbs
  • Made in Italy
Options available upon request:
  • Semi-automatic Rinsing & Drying station with on-board air and water filters
  • Upgraded ultrasonic sensors for transparent bottles
  • Nitrogen injection station prior to filling nozzles
  • Nitrogen injection on corking head
  • Vacuum at corking & capping heads (with on-board compressor)

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