Mignon Nozzle for Enolmaster or Enolmatic (Stainless)

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  • Item #BFT-N55
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Enolmaster or Enolmatic Mignon Kit/Nozzle (Stainless) by Tenco of Italy - For filling all sorts of mini bottles.  Bottle mouth with inside diameter from 7.5 - 15 mm. Outside diameter can be no larger than 25 mm. Fast and accurate filling of your custom made bottles or small standard bottles even with high viscosity products. Filling level can be set as desired and after the first manual setting, the fill level is automatic. Made from food-grade materials.

Stainless Steel Filling Nozzle for Wine, Cider, Spirits and other high temp high alcohol content beverages. 
Comes complete with Stainless Mignon Nozzle, Arm, Spring, and Mounting Bold, Nut & Washers

  • For bottle openings of 7.5-15mm in diameter
  • Alcohol level above 20%
  • Temperatures up to 120C

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