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One Step is the only environmentally sound no-rinse cleanser in the home-brew market today and, unlike other cleansers that require rinsing because of their alkaline nature or use materials that can be harmful to the environment, One Step is the original no-rinse cleanser and uses active oxygen to clean your home-brew and winemaking equipment.

One Step uses oxygen entrained within a mineral crystal that dissolves when combined with water, which in turn releases the oxygen to form hydrogen peroxide – a compound long known for its sanitizing and disinfectant abilities. The hydrogen peroxide completes its work and then degrades into oxygen and water, leaving behind only the minerals that are stable, naturally occurring compounds – no different than minerals often found in drinking water.

In addition, One Step uses a very small concentration – only 1 tablespoon per gallon! – so the solution easily drains away, leaving very little solid material behind. In fact, most of the mineral content that may be left behind is the same as what you would find in your drinking

Recommended Use:
In a closed, dark, and clean container, a solution of One Step will last up to 1 week. In a closed, clean container in a refriterator, the solution is good for over a month (but let it warm up before you use it). 1 lb makes 30 gallons.
  • Add 1 tablespoon One Step per gallon of cold or warm water and dissolve.
  • Rinse or soak equipment and bottles with the One Step solution and use.
  • For best results, insure that you have a 30 second contact time with the One Step solution.

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Cleaning with One Step:
Proper Use:
 1 Tbsp/gallon water or 5oz/10 gallons. Ideal contact time is at least one minute, followed by mechanical action such as water spray, brushing, or wiping. If cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, a rinse is necessary to ensure the removal of all soils. If One Step is used on a surface which is clean to the naked eye, rinsing is optional. Residues of One Step are non-hazardous when small amounts come into contact with wort of must.

One Step Removes: The residues of home fermentation hobbies on glass, metal, and plastic surfaces. Use One Step to clean mash tuns, boiling vessels, fermenters, chillers, spoons,rakes, fermentation locks, and any other equipment that is used in the brewing,winemaking, or fermentation process.

How It Works: One Step consists of a buffered alkalinity and active oxygen. When dissolved in water, the result is an alkaline solution (approximately pH 9.5) presenting 0.1 percent free oxygen and 1000 ppm alkalinity (as Na2O). The following modes of action are represented in the resulting aqueous solution:

Protein Disruption

Active oxidizers easily disrupt and solubilize proteinaceous soils such as those found in typical foodstuffs as well as biofilms that may develop if the substrate to be cleaned has remained soiled for a significant amount of time. Furthermore, tannins from grains and fruits are decolorized and removed.

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