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Bladder Press with Legs
(55 - 80 Liter)

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For smaller producers or for small test batch production, Gomark hydropresses offer a very cost effective way of producing a high quality juice. Hydropresses use a central elastic membrane. They are relatively small in size and stand vertically. The central membrane is inflated by means of mains water pressure (typically to 3 bar or around 40 psi), which presses the milled fruit outwards against a stainless steel cylinder outer cage. A retaining sack contains the fruit pulp and strains the juice. These presses are easier to use and to clean than traditional basket presses. Typical pressing time takes about 30 minutes and juice yield and quality are both very high.

As of September 2020 this model has changed slightly.  Previously was the VS-A, which is now the VSX.  On this new VSX model the controls & gauge have a new configuration and look sort of  like a control panel.

  • Vessel, Basket, Lid, & Chassis constructed of AISI 304 Stainless Steel with an Electropolished Surface
  • Press operates at 15 to 40 PSI, depending on product being pressed
  • Included Filter Net/Mesh Bag removes small seeds and debris and makes for easier product removal
  • Mesh bag typically used for pressing ground fruit such as apples and pears, but not typically required for grapes
  • 1-4 bar pressure regulator (15-60 psi)
  • 2 fixed wheels for transport
  • Water inlet is 1/2-inch female barbed fitting that can be removed to attach water source to a 3/4-inch MPT
  • Runs on main water pressure (typical residential hose)
  • Includes PVC cover for press 
  • Manufactured by Gomark in Slovenia
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14.5 gal (55 lt)
21 gal (80 lt)
23.5 in (60 cm)
23.5 in (60 cm)
38 in (96 cm)
23.5 in (60 cm)
23.5 in (60 cm)
46.5 in (118 cm)
77 lb (35 kg)
88 lb (40 kg)
Red Grapes - Fermented 275 lbs 400 lbs
Whit Grapes - Not Fermented 205 lbs 300 lbs
Ground Apples 125 lbs 180 lbs

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