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Bentonite is a clay-based clarifier . Because it is negatively-charged, bentonite will attract and bind to positively-charged particulate matter such as dead yeast cells (lees). It is unique in that bentonite can be added before or after fermentation, and is especially effective when added prior to primary. The action of CO2 gasses produced by the yeast will continue to stir the bentonite during fermentation, and a buildup of lees will form in the bottom of your fermenter indicating the bentonite’s activity.
Recommended Use:
Be sure to mix bentonite with warm water thoroughly – if it is poured directly into wine it will clump up and lose efficiency. Although it can be added to wine anytime during the fermentation process, it is typically added prior to primary or secondary fermentations.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of Bentonite with 1/2 cup of hot water to create slurry
  • Add slurry to 6 gallons of wine
  • Stir Regularly

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