Brix, Specific Gravity, and Alcohol Content of Wine

We receive a few calls a week on this subject so we know there are others that would like to ask but don't. So here is how it works...

0 Brix is the same as 1.000 Specific Gravity, which equals 0 sugar. One Brix is equal to a 0.00388 increase in Specific Gravity (25 Brix X 0.00388 + 1 = 1.097 Specific Gravity, conversely dividing .097 by .00388 equals 25 or 25 Brix). Alcohol content is a measurement of much sugar was converted to alcohol. How this is done is to deduct your final Brix reading after fermentation from your pre-fermentation Brix reading and multiply the result by 0.55. For example 25 Brix fermented to 0 Brix would result in 13.75 percent alcohol. (25 X 0.55 = 13.75).

The above numbers are real and have been used for years, but the only 100 percent accurate way to measure alcohol content when your wine, cider, etc. is finished is to test with a vinometer.

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