Blending Wine

The Importance of Blending Wine

Blending wine is the art of bringing two or more wines together to create a new or better wine by finding wines that compliment each other when blended at bench tested ratios. Caution, blending a good wine to improve a bad wine only makes more bad wine. However, if a wine is deficient in color, body, acidity, etc., it can be improved by blending it with a wine strong in a characteristic it is lacking.

Make several samples of different ratios and blends before you bottle. Don’t assume an 85% 10% 5% blend you heard or read was good will work for your wine. I've tried copying a published commercial blend but made multiple samples and the blend by the commercial winery was not the best for my wine.

Have friends over and sample your wines and various ratios before you bottle. Add cheese, crackers and make it an evening!

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