Fermenting Container/Bucket with Lid (24 gal.)

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Food grade poly primary fermenter with lid and carrying handles. The optimal sized fermenter for making 5 to 6 gallon batches of wine from wine grapes. Manufactured from Linear Low Density Polyethylene.
Please Note, this lid does not create an air tight seal as oxygen is a necessary part of the primary fermentation process. An air tight seal is needed only during aging.

24.5" tall x 19" wide at top tapering to 16" at bottom.
***Due to the unusual size of this item additional shipping charges may apply. The more items you purchase that we can put inside this fermenter for shipping the less likely additional charges will apply. We will call you with any changes to the shipping charges prior to charging your credit card and shipping your order.  For example, if no additional items are purchased that can be placed inside this product for shipping there will be an additional $15.00 charge to ship this product. For Wine Making.

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