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From Vines to Wines (Cox) From Vines to Wines by Cox is a Complete growing and winemaking guide. If you are looking for winemaking history and technique, this book has everything from A to Z. 253 pps. to read more


An easy-to-follow instructional DVD for making wine from kits - everything you need to help you make the perfect wine every time. Presented by Winexpert, this DVD is great for any and all winemaking kits. Generic copy, minimal label and packaging. to read more


Home Winemaking: Step by Step (Iverson) 4th EditionWritten expressly for beginning and advanced amateurs, this guide explores home winemaking in practical terms, focusing on the latest fermentation techniques of both red and white wine grapes. Detailed information on equipment, supplies, and mistakes to avoid will make getting started easy. Advanced winemakers will appreciate full explanations of sophisticated topics such as malolactic fermentation, extended maceration sparkling wines, and testing. This new edition has information on the use of oak barrels. This book is devoted entirely to wine made with grapes instead of fruit wines. 238 pp. to read more


The Compleat Meadmaker (Schramm)The Compleat Meadmaker is An excellent new meadmaking text w/ simple procedures and recipes. Mead (honey wine) is the new buzz among beverage hobbyists as more and more consumers start to make their own. This up-to-date title tells the novice how to begin and the experienced brewer or winemaker how to succeed in this newest of the beverage arts. 216 pages. to read more


Joy of Home Winemaking (Garey)This book is your comprehensive guide to the most up-to-date techniques and equipment readily available and affordable ingredients and materials. 288 pp. CLICK TO READ MORE to read more


Techniques in Home Winemaking (Pambianchi)Techniques in Home Winemaking, An easy-to-use, clearly illustrated book, designed for the beginning and advanced winemaker. Author Daniel Pambianchi enables home winemakers to make informed decisions on how to make the best wines from concentrates, juices, or grapes. Includes expanded sections on instruments and procedures for monitoring and controlling acid, pH and sulphite levels; introduces recently-available winemaking equipment; discusses winemaking problems; and includes numerous pictures and diagrams. 511 pages. to read more


The Backyard Vintner (Law)The Backyard Vinter is for Anyone who ever wanted to have homemade wine and never thought they had the space or ability to make it will love this book. The Backyard Vintner is a handy guide to at-home wine making that teaches readers the tips and tricks of the trade. It is perfect for those who want to bring the feeling of wine country right into their own backyard. This book covers both grape growing and wine making. 144 pages. to read more


The Home Winemakers Companion (Spaziani)The Home Winemaker's Companion will guide you through making your very first batch of kit wine to mastering the techniques for making wine from fresh grapes. Author Gene Spaziani has included 115 of his tried- and-true recipes - even port and champagne! 288 pages. to read more


Winemakers's Recipe Handbook (Massaccesi)Winemakers Recipe Handbook - This book has 101 one-gallon fruit wine recipes. Over 100 recipes that use ingredients found in this country; from the corner grocery store and hopefully from your own garden; recipes like Chokecherry, Rhubarb, Persimmon, Prickly Pear, Watermelon, and many, many more. Our biggest selling recipe book. (34 pages) to read more