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Wine Making Supplies

Wine Making Supplies, Equipment - Beginner to Winery

Wine Making and Beer Brewing can be an incredibly rewarding experience! Whether you are just getting started or a veteran at wine making or homebrew we can help... At Winemakers Depot you can find all your Wine Making Supplies & Homebrew, Equipment, Wine & Beer Making Additives, Quality Wine Kits (Ingredient) and some of the best Beer Kits (Ingredient) available, plus valuable Beer & Wine Making Information.

Quality Wine Making Supplies & Kits

Wine Making Made Easier, Better and Affordable

Experienced home wine makers know just how easy and how rewarding it is to make quality wine for 50 Cents to $4.00 a bottle. At Winemakers Depot we can help you with your home winemaking endeavors with our quality Wine Making Supplies, Wine Making AdditivesWine Making Equipment, Wine Ingredient Kits, and Wine Making Equipment Kits.

At Winemakers Depot our wine making help goes well beyond quality wine making supplies and equipment, we offer a wealth of information and resources on how to make wine at home. Whether you are making wine from grapes, fruit, or from one of our quality Wine Kits (Wine Ingredient Kits)… visit our Wine Making Information Center where you can find help from our Wine Making Overview, Wine Making TutorialsWine Making Recipes, or even find help calculating chemicals and additives with our Measurement Conversion Chart. Or check out our great selection of Wine Making Books to help walk you through the wine making process.

Beer Kits and Homebrew Supplies

If you are interested in Home Brewing – Homemade Beer, don’t let the name “Winemakers Depot” fool you! At Winemakers Depot we carry an excellent selection of quality Beer Kits (Beer Ingredient Kits) from Coopers, Mountmellick, Muntons, True Brew and Rogue Ales by Brewcraft. We also sell Quality Beer Equipment Kits, plus a whole host of Beer Making Supplies, Additives, and Equipment. We also have some incredibly helpful Beer Brewing Tutorials, Brewing Tips, Etc. in our Beer Making Information center.

Are You New to Home Wine Making?

If so, here is a link to our Wine Making Overview, not a full set of wine making instructions but this wine making overview will give you the highlights demonstrating just how easy making wine at home can be, wine that  that will rival or surpass the wine you buy in a store, but at a fraction of the cost.  For more detailed wine making instruction visit our Wine Making Tutorials. Even though we have received very positive feedback to these wine making tutorials, they just do not take the place of a quality Wine Making Book.

Not New to Wine Making...

But have some questions, check out our Wine Making Information Directory.  In this directory you can find wine making information and answers to many of your wine making questions.  Included in this directory are articles or help like FAQ"s for Wine Making, tips on Blending Wine, a Wine Making GlossaryYeast Hydration, our Wine Yeast Reference Chart, Oaking Wine, and many others.

Are you new to Winemakers Depot?

Here are some links to places on our site that might be of some help:

If you are an old friend or current customer of Winemakers Depot... here are some of the latest Wine Making Supplies, Equipment and Homebrew Supplies we have added to our inventory and now available to our customers:

Of course, it doesn’t matter what your need is you can always call with your questions. Whether you need to know where one of our wine making supplies is on our site, need us to open a wine kit and go over the directions with your before you order it, recommend a wine making book, or you want to tell us about the wine you have made.


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Follow us on Twitter

For information on new Wine Making and Homebrew Supplies, Wine Kits, Beer Kits, and occassional Specials Only Available on Twitter. Click to add us to your Twitter list and see our latest Posts or Tweets.

Wine Making, Brewing Tips

Take Good Notes

Whether it is your total acidity before fermentation to be compared to post fermentation, tracking your temperature and the rate your specific gravity is falling during fermentation, or what type of yeast you used, nothing can replace quality, well organized note taking during your wine making process.

Do Your Research

Wine making is as much of a science as it is an art. The smallest aspects of your wine making process can have major effects on the outcome of your wine. Winemakers today have more research tools and their fingertips than ever before, classes, on-site training at Help You Vint Locations, Wine Makers Associations, Books, and of course the internet. Browse the internet for blogs and forums on winemaking. Get in contact with other winemakers, but nothing can replace a Great Book on Wine Making.

Keeping Your Airlocks Clean and Sterile

This is a very simple one, most wine makers keep either a sulfite solution on hand for cleaning their wine making equipment or have some spare Campden Tablets.  Simple, put a few drops of your sulfite solution or part of a ground up Campden Tablet in your airlock with your water and your airlocks should remain clean and trouble free.

Dealing with Stuck Fermentation

What is Stuck Fermentation?
Fermentation that has stopped before all available sugar in the wine has been converted to either alcohol or CO2.
Why is Stuck Fermentation a Problem?
Your wine will have a lower alcohol level than you either anticipated or desired and a higher level of residual sugar than you planned for or desired, and possibly fermentation could restart later in the bottle causing the bottle to explode or the cork to pop out.
How to Restart
  • Bring must up to proper temperature, typically 70-80° depending on your yeast. Check out our Wine Yeast Reference Chart
  • Aerate it by stirring the must, the yeast needs oxygen to work properly
  • Before re-pitching yeast, add additional yeast nutrients to the must
  • If the prior three methods fail, re-pitch your yeast

Read our Full Article on Stuck Fermenation

Brix, Specific Gravity, and Alcohol Content of Wine

We receive a lot of calls on this subject so we know there are others that would like to ask but don't. So here is how it works...

0 Brix is the same as 1.000 Specific Gravity, which equals 0 sugar. One Brix is equal to a 0.00388 increase in Specific Gravity (25 Brix X 0.00388 + 1 = 1.097 Specific Gravity, conversely dividing .097 by .00388 equals 25 or 25 Brix). Alcohol content is a measurement of much sugar was converted to alcohol. How this is done is to deduct your final Brix reading after fermentation from your pre-fermentation Brix reading and multiply the result by 0.55. For example 25 Brix fermented to 0 Brix would result in 13.75 percent alcohol. (25 X 0.55 = 13.75).

The above numbers are real and have been used for years, but the only 100 percent accurate way to measure alcohol content when your wine, cider, etc. is finished is to test with a vinometer.

Quality Fruit and Wine Making Supplies Equals Quality Wine

You simply cannot produce good wine from bad ingredients and poor wine making supplies. Be sure to always use quality fruit, quality qine making supplies and quality wine kits so you won't be disappointed with your results.

Wine Making Supplies & Ideas for Degassing

Wine Whip - A very affordable plastic tool that attaches to the end of a drill to agitate and mix wine to release gasses.

Fizz-X - Similar to the Wine Whip but a durable, long stainless steel rod with plastic fins on the end that reaches deeper into your carboy or fermenter.

The handle end of a Mixing Spoon or even a Racking Cane can be used to agitate and mix, but usually not effective enough for the accelerated time line required by Wine Kits, but very effective alternatives for wine or wine kits with a delayed bottling schedule.

Put your carboy or fermenter on a clothes washer during the agitation cycle.  Check out this video clip on You Tube  Caution that your container of wine does not vibrate off the washer!

Here is possibly the most clever, effective and affordable method using a Snail Wine Saver Evacuator Pump and a #7.5 Drilled Rubber Stopper to extract sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide gases from your wine.  Check out this You Tube Video

Topping Off Carboys During Wine Making

An often asked question is how to top of carboys.  There are a few options available... Add water, this dilutes your wine and lowers your acid levels; Add some comparable wine, this can be expensive if you don't have a homemade wine to add; Put in a smaller carboy, one of the best alternatives but not everyone has an extra carboy that is the right size... How about adding marbles? Yes, adding glass marbles will not have any negative impact on your wine and it will displace the vacant space at the top of your carboy, just make sure the marbles are not painted. Filling the vacant space at the top of your carboy with argon gas like Private Preserve

Find More Wine Making Tips and Wine Making Information in Our Wine Making Information Directory

Find More Wine Making Tips and Wine Making Information in Our Wine Making Information Directory