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Liquid Beer Brewing Yeasts from Wyeast - These Activator Packs are ready to pitch and include an internal nutrient packet and are designed to treat 5 gallons of  beer.

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***These beer yeasts require refrigeration so we ship them on ice.  During the warm summer months we STRONGLY recommend you select a 2 Day Mode for shipping this product.  If this yeast is part of a larger order and you do not want to send your entire order by 2 Day mode, "Add Comment" at the end of Checkout.

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Wyeast - Pacman Yeast for Rogue Beer Kits 125MlFamous yeast from Rogue Breweries Produced by Wyeast for Rogue Ale Beer Kits. Now a year round yeast! This liquid beer yeast is perfect for using to make the Brewcraft Rogue Ale Beer Kits.  Ferments very clean, and does so at cool temperatures.  Rogue suggests you ferment around 62 to 64 F. to read more


Wyeast American Ale II Beer Yeast, 125ml ActivatorWyeast American Ale II Beer Yeast Strain 1272 - With many of the best qualities that brewers look for when brewing American styles of beer. Fruitier and more flocculent than Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast, slightly nutty, soft, clean with a slightly tart finish. Ferment at warmer temperatures to accentuate hop character with intense fruitiness, or ferment cool for clean, light citrus character. Flocculation high, Attenuation 72-76%, Temp 60-72F, Alcohol Tolerance 10% ABV. to read more


Wyeast Bavarian Wheat Beer Yeast, 125ml ActivatorBavarian Wheat Beer Yeast Strain 3638 - Top cropping hefeweizen yeast with complex flavor and aroma. Balance of banana and bubble gum esters with lichi and apple/plum esters and clove. Flocculation low, Attenuation 70-76%, Temp 64F-75F, Alcohol Tolerance 10% ABV to read more


Wyeast Belgian Witbier Beer Yeast, 125ml ActivatorWyeast Belgian Witbier Beer Yeast Strain 3944 - Produces a complex flavor profile with a spicy phenolic character and low ester production. Phenols tend to dominate other flavors and dissipate with age. Ferments fairly dry with a finish that compliments malted and unmalted wheat and oats. Sometimes used in conjunction with lactic acid bacteria to produces a sharper finish. This strain is a true top cropping yeast requiring full fermenter headspace. Flocculation med-low, Attenuation 72-76%, Temp 62-75F, Alcohol Tolerance Approx. 12% ABV. to read more


Wyeast Belgian Wheat Beer Yeast, 125ml ActivatorWyeast Belgian Wheat Beer Yeast Strain 3942 - Isolated from a small Belgian brewery, this strain produces beers with moderate esters and minimal phenolics. Apple, bubblegum and plum-like aromas blend nicely with malt and hops. This strain will finish dry with a hint of tartness. Flocculation medium, Attenuation 72-76%, Temp 64-74F, Alcohol Tolerance Approx. 12% ABV. to read more