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Untoasted Powdered Oak for adding oak flavor or increasing oak flavor to your wine. Add 2 to 4 oz. to 5 to 6 gallons of wine for 1 to 2 weeks, depending on desired results. Can be added before or after fermentation. Rack off when complete. This oak is slightly sulfited. Not recommended for use in beer. to read more


Barrel Oxyfresh Barrel CleanerBarrel Oxyfresh barrel cleaner is a blend of cleaners and neutralizers specifically for cleaning wooden barrels. Each pound will make 30 - 50 gallons of cleaning solution when added to water. to read more

Floor Corker - Portuguese (Red)Constructed of rolled steel and sealed with a hardened, baked-on enamel finish, this floor corker is suited for the serious home wine maker looking for an easier & quicker method of corking wine bottles than with a handheld corker. In addition to increasing efficiency, this corker reduces the risk of cork damage and provides a higher quality & longer lasting seal than any handheld corker. to read more


12 Gal. Fermenting Container/Bucket with LidFood grade poly primary fermenter with lid - A much better size fermenter for 5 to 6 gallon batches of wine requiring more fruit. Manufactured from Linear Low Density Polyethylene. Please Note, this lid does not create an air tight seal, as an air tight seal is not required during the fermentation process, only during aging. to read more


Hydrometer Thermometer ComboTriple Scale Hydrometer Thermometer Combination for use in making wine and beer brewing. An all in one unit to measure Brix or Specific Gravity and at the same time capture the temperature at the same time. Comes in a protective plastic holder. to read more


PH Test Strips - 2.8 to 4.4 Range (Wine)Wine Making PH Test Strips - Vial of 100 of PH Test Strips with colored chart for reading results - Winemaking Range (2.8 to 4.4 Range). The acid level in wine is one of the most important features in the results of how your wine tastes. Keeping control of your acid level by controlling your PH level is extremely important. Substanially easier to measure and read results than PH test papers. to read more


Wine Thief 18 Inch, Plastic 3 PieceThis 18 Inch three piece plastic wine thief is for drawing samples from fermenters and carboys for testing and sampling. Disassembles for easy cleaning. to read more


Wine Bottle Sealing Wax, BlackWine Bottle Sealing Wax Beads, Black - Add a classy touch to your efforts with Wine Bottle Sealing Wax. Simply melt and seal your wine corks and wine bottles with an air tight seal. One pound of pellets will coat approximately 50 to 65 wine bottles. For easy application we recommend melting the wax in soup cans. No mess to clean up off pots, and any unused portion may be stored in the can for re-melting at a later time. to read more

Test Jar - Plastic Test Jar with Removable Base, 1212 Inch Plastic Sample Jar for making wine and beer. Float your hydrometer for easy reading in this clear Sample Test Jar. This test jar has a removable base for easy cleaning and storage. to read more


PH 4.01 Buffer Solution - 2 oz.PH 4.01 Buffer Solution 2 oz. - Use to calibrate pH meters. Value 4.00 at 20 Celsius. Value 4.01 at 30 Celsius. A must have if you own a PH Meter for wine making or homebrewing. CAUTION: Keep out of reach of Children. to read more


Accuvin Malic Acid Test Kit - 10 PackThis Accuvin Test Kit is to test for Malolactic Acid levels in your wine. This test kit can be very helpful to determine when Malolactic Fermentation is complete. Removing Malic Acid in addition to lowering total acid levels will also melllow and soften your wine allowing it to develop full bodieness. Malolactic Fermentation is most commonly sought for dry red wines and some dry whites. Kit has range of 30-500mg/L and contains 10 tests and complete Instructions. to read more


Accuvin Free SO2 Test Kit - 10 PackThis Accuvin Free SO2 Kit includes 2 High Range Tests (red caps) and 8 Low Range Tests (green caps), 10 samplers/redydration tubes with caps, color chart and insert with complete instructions. The insert also includes a Summary explaining how to use the test results. Why is an accurate SO2 level so important? SO2 levels that are too low leave your wine at risk of spoilage and too high a level will taint your wine possibly leaving it unpalatable. to read more


Enolmatic Vacuum Bottle FillerEnolmatic Vacuum Wine Bottle Filler - Hands down the best bottle filler for the large-scale hobby winemaker or boutique winery. This filler is fast, easy to use, compact and easy to clean. Through vacuum operated filling, the wine never comes in contact with mechanical components and is exposed to minimal oxygen during bottling. Bottles up to 200 bottles per hour. to read more

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Lancman 80 to 250 Liter Bladder Press with Tilt FrameGomark Lancman Hydropress VSPIX 80, 120, 170 and 250 - The Gomark VSPIX range of hydropresses are simple to operate, cost effective and are an excellent way of producing a high quality juice. The unique tilting cage design makes the VSPIX easy to unload and its high quality green press sack ensures a consistently clear juice, especially from apples. Constructed entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, the VSPIX is also easy to clean and keep clean. Using the VSPIX could not be easier. Milled fruit is emptied into a straining sack that is placed between a central rubber bladder and the outer stainless steel wall of the press. The bladder is then inflated by means of mains water pressure (operating pressure is 3 bar) and the juice is squeezed out of the press and runs freely down the outside of the press wall into a collection tray at the bottom. The juice can then be pumped into a storage tank. Typical pressing time takes about 30 minutes. CUSTOMER PICK-UP OR TRUCK SHIPMENT ON to read more

Variable Capacity, Flat Bottom Tanks (Toscana) 100 to 1,000 LiterVariable Capacity Stainless Steel Tanks - Capacities of 100 to 1,000 liters - These High Quality Artisan Variable Capacity by Toscana "Air System" Tanks with flat bottoms built in Aisi 304 BA 18/10 stainless steel are ideal for fermenting or aging wine. Given the sizes they are excellent casks for cellars (ideal for vinification and storage). 500, 700, 750 and 1,000 liter sized come with Welded Tri Clamp and ball valves. to read more

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