Grape and Fruit Presses for Wine Making - Ratchet, Bladder, Mini Wine and Fruit Presses

Ratchet Press Operating Instructions

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Grape & Fruit Wine Ratchet PressItalian Made Ratchet Press with Hardwood Basket for making Grape & Fruit Wine. Ratchet Presses use a stationary threaded shaft with a ratcheting head to press the juice from your grapes or fruit. Select a press that will meet your pressing requirements. Our grape & fruit wine presses include: Three legged steel base with drain pan; Threaded shaft; Ratcheting head with removable and reversing metal locking keys; Split wood basket with metal bands, wood slats, and hinge pins for opening the basket; and Round wood pressing plate and wood blocks. The #20 & #25 Presses can be shipped via FedEx Small Package. CUSTOMER PICK-UP OR TRUCK SHIPMENT ONLY ON LARGER PRESSES! - We will call/email with actual shipping costs prior to shipping or charging your credit card. Business name, address and phone number must be provided or there will be a $70.00 Fee for Residential Delivery Charged by the trucking company. to read more

Lancman 80 to 250 Liter Bladder Press with Tilt FrameGomark Lancman Hydropress VSPIX 80, 120, 170 and 250 - The Gomark VSPIX range of hydropresses are simple to operate, cost effective and are an excellent way of producing a high quality juice. The unique tilting cage design makes the VSPIX easy to unload and its high quality green press sack ensures a consistently clear juice, especially from apples. Constructed entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, the VSPIX is also easy to clean and keep clean. Using the VSPIX could not be easier. Milled fruit is emptied into a straining sack that is placed between a central rubber bladder and the outer stainless steel wall of the press. The bladder is then inflated by means of mains water pressure (operating pressure is 3 bar) and the juice is squeezed out of the press and runs freely down the outside of the press wall into a collection tray at the bottom. The juice can then be pumped into a storage tank. Typical pressing time takes about 30 minutes. CUSTOMER PICK-UP OR TRUCK SHIPMENT ON to read more

Lancman 55 to 80 Liter Bladder Press with LegsGomark Hydropresse Lancman VS-A 55 80 and 80 For smaller producers or for small test batch production, Gomark hydropresses offer a very cost effective way of producing a high quality juice. Hydropresses use a central elastic membrane. They are relatively small in size and stand vertically. The central membrane is inflated by means of mains water pressure (typically to 3 bar), which presses the milled fruit outwards against a stainless steel cylinder outer cage. A retaining sack contains the fruit pulp and strains the juice. These presses are easier to use and to clean than traditional basket presses. Typical pressing time takes about 30 minutes and juice yield and quality are both very high. VS-A 55: The smallest of our hydropresses. VS-A 80: One of our smaller hydropresses. Basic Information: Underframe, cover and basket made of stainless steel Electro-polished press surface 1-4 bar pressure regulator 2 fixed wheels for transport Includes fine net for pressing and PVC to read more

Vintage Shop Table Top PressThe Table Top Press by The Vintage Shop truly is the best of both worlds. Combining the convenient design and ease of use of the Mini Presses, with the heavy-duty materials and larger capacity of the Ratchet Presses; the result is a take-anywhere / use-anywhere press, perfect for small-batch production, that’s built to last a lifetime. to read more


Ferrari 3.0 Liter Fruit Wine PressFerrari Fruit Wine Press - 3.0 Liter - No more pressing your fruit in straining bags or cheese cloth with this super easy to use Italian made Stainless Steel and Aluminum metal fruit press for home wine making. This press is bigger and much more durable than its 1.3Liter Baby Brother. Formerly Distributed by Ferrari. ***Note: This press is intended for pressing soft/sliced fruit only as part of the wine making process. It will not press almonds, nuts, whole lemons, or other similarly hard foodstuffs - these presses are not intended for "juicing." to read more


Ferrari 1.3 Liter Ferrari 1.3 Liter "Maxi" Wine Press - Much sturdier than the standard "Torchietto" 1.3 Liter Mini Fruit Wine Press, this press utilizes a thicker press plate and a heaver base and frame constructed of thick painted steel. ***Note: This press is intended for pressing fermented fruit only as part of the wine making process, it will not press almonds, nuts, or any other similarly hard foodstuffs - not a juicer. to read more