Other supplies and equipment for wine making and home beer brewing

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Brew Belt Fermenting HeaterThis 120 Volt Heater can maintain wine or beer fermenting temperatures in cold room, garage, or basemement. Adjusts to fit 3, 5 and 6 gallon carboys or 5, 6, and 7.5 gallon buckets. Not recommended for glass carboys. ...click to read more


Mixer, Fizz-X Wine Stirrer / Wine DegasserFizz-X Wine Mixer, Stirrer, Degasser - This tool serves two purposes, degassing your wine and stirring when adding additives to your wine or beer. Unlike a spoon or a paddle the Fizz-X fits through the narrow opening of a carboy. This handy tool attaches to an ordinary electric drill and spins inside your carboy for mixing or driving out excess CO2. Made from stainless steel and food grade plastic and is approximately 16 inches long. ...click to read more


Brewers and Wine Making Heat PadBrewers Heat Pad - This rigid plastic heat pad for your fermenters and carboys is the ideal solution for cold fermenting and brewing problems. This unit provides ideal temperature for year round brewing, fermenting, and wine making in cold conditions. Convenient and easy to use, simply place on a flat surface, put your fermenter or carboy on it and plug it in. Supplies constant, steady convection heat (25 watts, 110v) without creating any hot spots. Inexpensive to run. Can also be used for hydroponics, plant and seed raising, as a warmer in your pet's bed, or even a foot warmer. ...click to read more

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Mixer, SS Wine Stirrer Degasser - 22Stainless Steel Wine Mixer and Degasser "Mix-Stir" - Specially designed Stainless Steel Mixer and De-gasser is for mixing, stirring and de-gassing wine/beer. Manufactured in high quality food grade stainless steel with ABS blades. The blades act like a turbine for maximum mixing and stirring efficiency. The Stainless Steel Mix-Stir fits any electric drill, variable speed recommended. The Plastic blades fold down allowing easy insertion into a barrel or a glass carboy. Length is 22 inches long. Replacement blades/fins available. Manufactured by Vintage Shop ...click to read more


Cork RetrieverLosing your cork inside a bottle of wine is bound to happen. Instead stuffing the bottle opening with paper towels and hoping it creates a tight-enough seal, use this handle tool to retrieve your cork and properly reseal your bottle. ...click to read more


Scale - Mechanical Spring Scale .25oz. To 18ozThis quality mechanical spring scale is very handy for home wine making and beer brewing. It weighs from .25 oz. to 18 oz. on its easy to read dial and features a removable bowl. Scale automatically adjusts for the weight of the removable bowl. ...click to read more


Mixer, SS Wine Stirrer Degasser / Replacement Fins  (Set of 2)Replacement Fins - Blades for the Stainless Steel Mix-Stir Wine Stirrer - Wine Degasser. Price is for 2 fins. ...click to read more


Snail Wine Saver Evacuator PumpSnail Wine Saver Evacuator Pump - This very affordable Wine Saver Evacuator Pump by Snail pumps air out and re-seals wine bottles. Contains one evacuator and one bottle sealer. Can also be used in conjunction with a #7.5 Drilled Rubber Stopper to De-gas wine during the wine making process. ...click to read more


Mixer, Wine Whip Degasser - Stirrer ToolThe wine whip mixer, stirrer, degasser from Fermtech is a curved and agnled plastic rod that attaches to a 3/8 inch drill for easy mixing and degassing of your wine. If your Wine Kit calls for vigorous stirring to de-gass your wine or mix additives with your wine this whip can save a lot of time and effort. ...click to read more


Snail Wine Saver Replacement Sealers - 2 PkSnail Wine Saver Replacement Sealers, 2 Pk - Extra Replacement Sealers for the Snail Wine Saver Evacuator Pump. Pack of 2. ...click to read more


Referigeration Thermostat - The ControllerWine or Beer Referigeration Thermostat - The Controller Controls the temperature of your beer or wort by controlling the temperature for fermentation. This controller can also be used to control the temperature of your wine must for cold stabilization. CLICK to READ MORE ...click to read more