Mixer, SS Wine Stirrer Degasser - 22"

Item #: UF36A
Our Price: $31.95


Stainless Steel Wine Mixer and Degasser "Mix-Stir" - Specially designed Stainless Steel Mixer and De-gasser is for mixing, stirring and de-gassing wine/beer. Manufactured in high quality food grade stainless steel with ABS blades. The blades act like a turbine for maximum mixing and stirring efficiency. The Stainless Steel Mix-Stir fits any electric drill, variable speed recommended. The Plastic blades fold down allowing easy insertion into a barrel or a glass carboy. Length is 22 inches long. Replacement blades/fins available.

Directions for Use of Degasser:

  • To De-Gas your wine attach to drill and insert into wine through carboy opening. (Instert steel rod through drilled stoper to protect carboy opening).
  • Turn on drill for 10 to 15 seconds until foam develops on top of wine. Turn off drill to allow foam to settle. CAUTION – Do Not set drill at too high a setting or foam created may come out of and over the top of the carboy.
  • When foam settles repeat this process 2 or 3 additional times
  • Remove from carboy, clean and sanitize
  • Repeat entire process as needed to De-Gas your wine during the bulk aging process


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