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Wine Filtering Systems and Wine Transfer Pumps for use in Transferring, Racking, and Filtering Wine - Also See FILTERS and STRAINING for Filter Pads/Cartridges and Straining Alternatives

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Buon Vino Buon Vino Super Jet Electric Pump Filter - Self priming electric pump and motor. Filters approx 270 liters per hour (71 gallons). Each. - The Buon Vino Super Jet pump can handle the most demanding filtering jobs with ease. It can operate continuously until the job is done. The flow meter shows when filter pads need replacing. Three different filter pads available, coarse, fine, and sterile. to read more

$365.00 $320.00

Buon Vino Mini-Jet Elect. Pump FilterBuon Vino Mini-Jet Elect. Pump Filter - Self priming electric pump and motor with built-in drip tray and drainage tube. Filters approx 20 liters of wine in 15 minutes. Each. - The Mini-Jet is an electric unit that filters up to 10 gallons of beer or wine at a time. A return catch hose means no waste or mess. Three different filter pads available, coarse, fine, and sterile. to read more

$199.00 $165.00

Ebara JEM56 Centrifugal Solid Impeller Wine Pump (1650 Lt/hr)The Ebara JEM56 is a centrifugal solid impeller pump suited for transferring wine (post-fermentation) and concentrated juice. The 0.5 HP high efficiency motor transfers 1650 liters per hour. It is constructed from AISI 304 Stainless Steel. The food grade HDPE solid impeller provides a high flow-rate with little power and is ideal for transferring wine to plate filters, bottle fillers, or between fermentation vessels for bulk aging.

***More arriving from Italy end of December to read more


Enolmatic Inline Filter HousingEnolmatic Inline Filter Housing - To be used in conjunction with an Enolmatic Filler to filter wine inline as you are bottling your wine. Saves time by eliminating a separate step by filtering and bottling at the same time. This filter unit is placed inline between the wine and the Enolmatic Filler itself. to read more

$199.95 $180.00

Vinbrite MK3 Wine Filter KitVinbrite MK3 Wine Filter Kit - A very affordable gravity feed wine filtering system for home wine makers. For filtering small batches of wine you place the filter disc on top of and in the mouth of the carboy receiving the wine with a hose from the source carboy gravity feeding into this Vinbrite disc & filter. Comes complete with siphoning hose, flow control hose clamp, (6) 6 inch filters, and complete instructions. to read more


Zambelli T-40 Flexible Impeller Wine Pump (5400 Lt/hr)The Zambelli T-40 Flexible Impeller Pump is suited for decanting wine and alimentary liquids. The 0.8 HP motor pumps 5400 liters per hour. It is constructed from AISI 304 Stainless Steel. The flexible impeller is made of certified food grade rubber. Suction is ambivalent in both rotating directions and the unbroken flow avoids shaking the transferred juices. Includes the stainless steel "Export Trolley" cart. to read more


Enolmatic Inline Filter CartridgesEnolmatic Inline Filter Cartridges - These cartridges are made of food-grade material and are washable and reusable. There is no danger of the material separating from the filter and entering the wine. The level of filtration varies considerably amongst winemakers. Generally, 5 or 1 micron is sufficient for reds, and either 1 micron or 0.45 micron for whites. Generally, the sweeter or clearer the wine, the finer the filtration. In some cases, 0.25 micron is needed for wines for nearly complete assurance of sterility. This filter removes yeast and bacteria. The 0.45 micron removes yeast but not bacteria. Please note. Cartridges of different micron size look the same. So be careful to denote which is which after opening the package. to read more


Wine Transfer Pump (Vintage Shop SUPER Pump)Vintage Shop SUPER Pump Transfer Pump for Wine Making Self Priming -Automatic Shut-off -Thermally Protected Motor -Adjustable Flow Rate .8-3.0 gallons per minute -Can run continuously for 90 minutes -On/Off Switch -Comes with 40 mesh pre-filter -Comes with 2 x 3 ft flex tubing -Max liquid temp 110 deg F to read more


Leakproof Wine & Beer FilterThe Vintage Shop Wine & Beer Plate uses gaskets to perfectly seal the outer plate and inner ring, ensuring maximum filtration and minimal waste. to read more


Buon Vino Buon Vino Super Jet Inline Pre-Filter - Protects filter from damage due to large particle intake. Important if pump is used as an electric wine or beer racking pump. to read more