Enzymes for Wineries and Professionals

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Bactozym Lysozyme Stabilizing Enzyme - 100gBactozym is a preparation based on lysozymes obtained from egg whites via an exclusive extraction technique, which results in a preparation with high activity and stability, specifically engineered for enological use. Bactozym inhibits the growth of lactic bacteria (Oenococcus, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus), but does not interfere with the multiplication and fermentation activity of the yeast. ...click to read more


Extrared L Liquid Extraction Enzyme - 100gExtrared L is a liquid pectolytic enzyme with extracting and stabilizing activity, for apportioned and differentiated use in vinification of red wines. ...click to read more


Lafase HE Grand Gru Pectolytic Enzyme - 100gLafase HE Grand Cru Pectolytic Enzyme allows for optimal extraction of phenolic compounds, particularly more highly polymerised tannins and anthocyanins, which have a higher capacity for conserving their stability over time. ...click to read more


Lafazym CL Pectolytic Enzyme - 100gLafazym CL is a highly concentrated preparation of pectolytic enzymes purified in CE for rapid must settling of white and rosé juice. ...click to read more


Lafazym Press Pectolytic Enzyme - 100gLafazym Press is a Pectolytic enzyme preparation purified in CE for optimizing pressing and extraction of aroma precursors during the production of white and rosé wines. ...click to read more


Mannozym Beta-Glucanasic Clarifying Enzyme - 500gMannozym breaks down the glucanes in wines obtained from Botrytis affected grapes, thereby allowing them to be subsequently clarified and/or filtered ...click to read more


Zimaclar Pectolytic Clarifying Enzyme - 100gZimaclar is an enzyme preparation with high pectolytic activity for the clarification of white must and young wines. This enzyme preparation is in powder form with very high activity, containing polygalacturonase (PG) and pectin lyase (PL). Zimaclar is also attractive for the vinification of whites. ...click to read more


Zimared PLUS Color Extraction Enzyme - 100gZimared PLUS is a pectic enzyme which allows skin and cell walls to break down and colors to be extracted from cell vacuoles. It also accelerated the extraction of tannic polyphenolic substances needed to create stable complexes with anthocyanins. Zimare PLUS allows quicker maceration and reduces the need for pressing and pumping over, resulting in a product with less leesy taste. ...click to read more


Zimarom Pectolytic Clarifying Enzyme - 100gZimarom is an enzyme preparation with high pectolytic activity for the clarification of aromatic musts. ...click to read more


Pectic Enzyme 5 lb. Pectic Enzyme is commonly used in making of fruit wines. It can also be used in grape wines, it increases the yield of wine by breaking down the grapes and makes pressing more efficient. It aids in extracting flavor from reds. Use 3/4 tsp. per gal. in crushed fruit or juice. Let sit covered for 12 hours. ...click to read more


Lallzyme Cuvée Blanc Macerating Enzyme- 100gLallzyme Cuvée Blanc was developed by Lallemand for use on white grapes during skin contact prior to pressing to enhance aromatic complexity, provide gentle juice extraction and fast clarification after pressing. ...click to read more


Lallzyme EX Macerating Enzyme- 100gLallzyme EX is a blend of pectinase and hemicellulas especially formulated to improve color stability and enhance mouthfeel in red wines. When using this enzyme juice extraction from red grape skins is significantly increased and the filterability of the wine is improved. ...click to read more


Scottzyme Color Pro Macerating Enzyme- 1 kgScottzyme Color Pro is a specialty pectinase with pro­tease side-activities. These side-activities are important for helping break down the cell walls of red grapes to gently extract more anthocyanins, polymeric phenols and tannins. . This gentle extraction creates wines that are rounder in mouthfeel and bigger in structure, with improved color stability. ...click to read more


Scottzyme Color X Macerating Enzyme- 1 kgScottzyme Color X is a unique pectinase with cellulase side-activities. These activities help release anthocya­nins, polymeric phenols and tannins. Color X provides heavier tannic extraction than Color Pro and should be used when tannic extraction is desired for longer aging. ...click to read more


Scottzyme Cinn-Free Aromatic Enzyme - 1 kgScottzyme Cinn-Free is a purified pectinase used in white must for release of varietal aromas and aromatic precursors. In addition to releasing desirable pectin-trapped aromas, Scottzyme Cinn-Free aids in pressability, yield, set­tling, clarification and filtration. ...click to read more