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Clarifying and Fining Agents for Wineries and Professionals

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Bentonite Powder Wine ClarifierUse this natural clay powder for to clarify wine. To clarify 6 gallons of wine add 2 tablespoons of bentonite to 1/2 cup of hot water and add this mix to wine. to read more

Carboxymethyl Cellulose (V CMC) Stabilizer - 500 gramsCarboxymethyl Cellulose in powder form is an effective stabilizing agent with an inhibitory effect toward tartaric precipitations. Thanks to it's high degree of purity, V CMC can also be used for wines just prior to bottling. to read more


Chitosan Liquid Fining - 1 LiterLiquid Chitosan is a premium fining product, most often used in conjunction with Kieselsol as a superior 2-part fining and clarifying system. Nalco Kieselsol is also available, with a link in the description. to read more


Divergan F (PVPP) Clarifying Powder - 1 kgDivergan F (PVPP) absorbs the haze forming polyphenols which eliminates that fraction from the Protein/Tannoid Complex, the major cause of non-biological post-filtration turbidity. This beverage clarifier and stabilizer is a cross-linked, insoluble polyvinylpyrrolidone, which is also known as PVPP. Divergan F bring improvements in color, bouquet, taste and stability. to read more


FPS Enological Carbon - 20 kgPowdered enological carbon. Specific phenolic adsorbent used in the treatment of Brettanomyces and smoke taint. to read more


Gelaxina Clarifying Gelatin - 1 LiterGelaxina Fluid is a clear animal gelatin solution obtained from choice raw materials that have been specifically developed for enological use. This highly stable product will keep for a long time without altering its chemical and chemical-physical characteristics. Used in clarification of fruit juices, wine and vinegar in association with bentonite and silica gel to rapidly clarify and create compact lees. It also reduces the tannin levels and relatively insoluble polyphenols. to read more


Isinglass Liquid Clarifier - 1 Liter Protein based clarifier that is very effective in adding a high polish to white and blush wines. Preferred by many winemakers because of the more gentle effect it has on a wine`s body and color. Pre-mixed Liquid. Add 1 oz. to 6 gallons of wine. 1 liter bottle. to read more


Glycerin Finishing Formula - 1 GallonUse Glycerin to increase the body and mouth-feel in your wine to give it a fuller, more pleasant texture. Glycerin can also smooth some of the harsh characteristics that are more common in younger wines. Glycerin is a natural by-product of fermentation. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous syrup that has little noticeable flavor, except for a slight touch of sweetness. Dozage is 2 to 8 ounces per 5 gallons of wine, depending on the needs of your wine. 1 gallon jug. to read more


Nalco Kieselsol Liquid Fining - 1 QuartNalco Kieselsol Liquid is a premium fining product, most often used in conjunction with Chitosan as a superior 2-part fining and clarifying system. Liquid Chitosan is also available, with a link in the description. Dosage rate of .5 - 1.5oz per gallon. to read more


Mannoprotein (MPA) Clarifier - 500 gramsMannoprotein is used to improve general roundness and softness, harmonize dissonant palate features. It can also help tartrate stabilization in some wines. to read more