Supplies and Equipment for making champagne and sparkling wines

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Champagne Bottles, Green 750 ml750 ml Green Champagne / Sparkling Wine Bottles, not punted. These bottles will accept a champagne stopper and wire cage. This is a stronger, thicker bottle designed for the high internal pressure of champagne and sparkling wines. These are manufactured in the USA. Case of 12. to read more


Champagne Foils - GoldFinish your champange or sparkling wine bottles with this attractive foil wrap. No tools required simply place over top of bottle and foil forms to champagne bottle top with pressure from your hand. to read more


Champagne Stopper - PlasticWhite plastic stoppers for champagne and sparkling wine bottles. These champagne stoppers will push in by hand but need to be wired down with a champagne stopper cage. to read more


Champagne Stopper Wire CageWire cages for holding champagne stoppers / sparkling wine stoppers in place after bottling. to read more


Champagne Wire Cage ToolThis wooden handled champagne wire cage tool makes putting on your champagne and sparkling wine stoppers cages a breeze. to read more