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Untoasted Powdered Oak for adding oak flavor or increasing oak flavor to your wine. Add 2 to 4 oz. to 5 to 6 gallons of wine for 1 to 2 weeks, depending on desired results. Can be added before or after fermentation. Rack off when complete. This oak is slightly sulfited. Not recommended for use in beer. ...click to read more


Liquid Oak Tannin - Fruit Enhancer FRESH - 1 LiterLiquid Oak Tannins contain only water and tannins from French Oak. These unique flavors are extracted with different toasting methods in a distillery near Cognac, France. Fruit Enhancer FRESH is a concentrate with 80g of tannin per liter of concentrate. It adds structure as well as a softening, rounding, aging effect on red and white wine, often reducing any vegetative character. This reformulated profile contains some untoasted aged French Oak tannin, and delivers the slightly citrus, lively character of a new French oak barrel. ...click to read more


Bactozym Lysozyme Stabilizing Enzyme - 100gBactozym is a preparation based on lysozymes obtained from egg whites via an exclusive extraction technique, which results in a preparation with high activity and stability, specifically engineered for enological use. Bactozym inhibits the growth of lactic bacteria (Oenococcus, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus), but does not interfere with the multiplication and fermentation activity of the yeast. ...click to read more


ERSA 1376 Wine Yeast - 500g Perfect for fruity wines, especially Sauvignon Blanc. Well suited to bring out the varietal aromatic components of white wines ...click to read more


Apple Flavoring 1 GallonApple Fruit Flavoring 1 Gallon for Wine Making or Beer Brewing. These natural syrups enhance the flavor and aroma of fruit beers, wines, ciders and meads. Each gallon bottle is sufficient to flavor 150+ gallons of finished product. If using in wine, stabilize wine before use. READ LABEL FOR REFRIGERATION INSTRUCTIONS. ADD 2-3 SHIPPING DAYS ABOVE STANDARD FOR THIS OFFERING. ...click to read more


Biotin Powder (Thiamin, Vitamin B) Yeast NutrientBiotin Powder Yeast Nutrient contains Thiamin, Vitamin B Compex, Biotin, and Pasturized Yeast Cells. This Yeast Energizer promotes healthy fermentation by absorbing undesirable components in the wort. Can be used in beer, mead, or wine. ...click to read more

Acid BlendA blend of equal amounts of citric, malic, and tartaric acids used to balance wine musts for home wine making. Amount of acid blend to be added to wine must will depend on the fruit you are using to make your wine from and your wine making recipe. ...click to read more

Bentonite Powder Wine ClarifierUse this natural clay powder for to clarify wine. To clarify 6 gallons of wine add 2 tablespoons of bentonite to 1/2 cup of hot water and add this mix to wine. ...click to read more

EasyTab Antioxidant Tablets - 50/pkgEasyTabs are a tablet form of Potassium Metabisulfite, L-Ascorbic Acid, and Cellulose that provide antioxidant protection to juice while grapes are being pressed. ...click to read more


Zymaflore RB2 Wine Yeast - 500g Zymaflore RB2 is recommended for fruity elegant wines. It has very good aptitude for expressing cherry/kirsch-type varietal aromas and low coloring matter adsorption. Recommended use: Pinot Noir ...click to read more


Calcium Carbonate PowderCalcium Carbonate, also known as Precipitated Chalk is used to reduce the sharp taste and/or unpleasant burning in wines by lowering the amount of acid to a normal level when added to the must. ...click to read more

71B Wine Yeast - 500gLalvin 71B is known for fermenting fruity rosé wines and semi-sweet whites. It produces long-lived aromas that result from the synthesis of relatively stable esters and higher alcohols. It softens high acid musts by partially metabolizing malic acid. Recommended Use: Pinot Gris, Riesling, Grenache, Rosé, Red French Hybrids, American Cultivars, Fruit Wines ...click to read more


VIN13 Wine Yeast - 1kgVIN 13 enhances volatile thiol aromas (passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry and guava) and produces esters (tropical fruit salad, floral). Recommended Use: Chardonnay, Chenin blanc, Riesling, Semillon, Gewürztraminer, Viognier, Pinot gris, Marsanne, Rousanne, Muscat, & Rosé's from all red grape varieties ...click to read more


Premier Classique (Montrachet) Wine Yeast - 500gPremier Classique (formerly known as Montrachet) is a strong fermenter, with an alcohol tolerance (18%), that produces dry white and red wines with good flavor complexity and full body. Recommended use: bold and complex whites and reds. ...click to read more


BM 4x4 Wine Yeast - 500gLalvin BM 4X4 is a blend of BM45 and a complimentary strain chosen by Lalvin to provide all the advantages of BM45 with even greater reliability under difficult conditions. Recommended Use: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Zinfandel, Nebbiolo, Chardonnay ...click to read more


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